Accredited teachers

The following individuals are accredited teachers of the Voice Studio International Nadine George technique



Voice Practitioner and former Head of Research and Centre for Voice in Performance, Royal Conservatoire of Scotland

Professor Ros Steen has been working with Nadine George for 24 years. She has taught the work in training institutions and researched it in professional theatre contexts,  looking specifically at its connection to the creative processes of actors, writers and directors. She has published several papers about her findings. In 2006, during her time at RCS, she established Nadine’s voice work as the core technique for the Centre’s teaching, practice and research agendas and in 2013 compiled and edited the Centre’s first publication Growing Voices.





Voice Teacher

The Danish National School of Theatre and Contemporary Dance in Copenhagen, Denmark


Henning Silberg has been working with Nadine George for 22 years and began teaching the work in training at "The Theatre School in Odense" (Skuespillerskolen ved Odense Teater) since 1993, and at The Danish National School of Theatre and Contemporary Dance (Statens Teaterskole) in Copenhagen since 1998.




Senior Lecturer of Voice and Speech
Malmo Theatre Academy, Lund University Sweden

Margareta Unné Goransson has been working with Nadine George since 1999 and started teaching her work at Malmo Theatre Academy, Lund University, in 2001. The work has become a valuable addition to the regular voice work of the Academy.





Senior lecturer in Singing

Stockholm Academy of Dramatic Arts
and the School of Music at Örebro University
Pia Olby has been working with Nadine George for 10 years. She began to teach the work with both theatre and music students in 2005 and is now giving workshops for professional actors and singers connecting the technique to singing.






Senior lecturer in Voice and Speech 
Stockholm Academy of Dramatic Arts 

Karin Rudfeldt has been working with Nadine George for 10 years. She began to teach the work with theatre students in 2005. She is also works with professional actors and uses the work in her own artistic development.






Actress and Voice teacher


Paula Brandt has been working with Nadine for over 10 years and has taught the work at the Stockholm Academy of Drama. She has worked with professional actors and directors to introduce Nadine’s work into Swedish theatre schools.




Lecturer at the Centre for Voice in Performance at the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland, Glasgow. 

Bill first encountered the work of Nadine George as an acting student in 1991.  Bill began working as a teacher with Nadine in 2005, and now teaches the work at the Conservatoire.  He also freelance directs and acts, using the work in this capacity.



Voice Practitioner, Director and VSI Associate, Scotland

Susan has been working consistently with The Nadine George Technique since 1994, when she met Nadine as a student of The Royal Conservatoire of Scotland (RCS). She graduated from the RCS with an Honours in Directing and has developed her practice of NGT through directing, performing and teaching. She works closely with Nadine and her VSI colleagues, primarily as VSI Associate Scotland where she had a fundamental role in the development of Voice Studio International, the establishment of the technique in the Arts and Health sector and in the ongoing creation of the VSI Accreditation Course. In 2012, Susan became VSI’s first Associate and also an Accredited NGT Teacher.


She is an Associate Teacher to the Centre for Voice in Performance at the RCS, working across programmes at both an undergraduate and post-graduate level, and is an Associate Artist with London based Daedalus Productions. In 2009, Susan delivered her research ‘Voicing Our Vision’ with Bates Method natural vision teacher, Anna Bambridge, at the World Holistic Vision Conference in Belgium. In 2013, she was invited to be an Associate Tutor to the Scottish Police College, where she has been designing and delivering personal development training to senior chief officers in small group workshops and one to one sessions, leading to her coaching at a Chief Constable level and with the MET Police.


Susan has directed and performed in venues across Scotland and works closely with Jo Clifford, one of Scotland’s leading playwrights. Susan directed Clifford’s Sex, Chips & The Holy Ghost and, in collaboration with it’s creative team, developed the play for screen with Channel 4 Alpha Funding. Since 2011, Susan has been establishing NGT with mixed learning ability company Lung Ha Theatre and more recently developing the work with the transgender community in Scotland.










Voice Practitioner, Director and VSI Paris administrator, France

A graduate of Cours Florent Paris Laurent has been working with Nadine George since 2005 and is now the administrator of Nadine’s work in Paris.

Laurent has recently directed Queens of Normand Chaurette using Nadine’s work, which was performed in Bellême Castle (France) and in Paris. He has worked closely with Irina Brook (Pan, The Tempest) and has collaborated with many other directors including Jean Luc Revol, Gil Galliiot and Guila Braoudé.

Laurent regularly gives workshops for professional actors in France connecting the technique to text and is working to introduce Nadine’s work into French theatre schools.




Head of Voice and the Centre for Voice in Performance, School of Drama, Dance, Production and Screen, Royal Conservatoire of Scotland

Jean has been working with Nadine since 2006, teaching the technique across performance programmes at undergraduate and postgraduate levels in the School of Drama since 2008.

A Music Graduate of RCS, Jean is currently researching and developing the technique for Musical Theatre Performers and Musical Directors, connecting the technique to singing and music.




Danish actress and NGT Voice Teacher.


Anja has been working consistently with The Nadine George Technique since 1994,integrating the practice into her artistic work as an actress and director. For over 20 years she has continuously participated in and observed many of Nadine’s workshops in Denmark, Norway and London. She gives workshops for professional actors and also teaches NGT on a regular basis at The Copenhagen Film and Theatre School and Forsøgsstationen. 

Anja has been a teaching assistant to Nadine on several occasions and lead work on Nadine’s behalf at the Norwegian Theatre Academy in Norway in 2013. In 2015 Anja will assist Nadine in her Voice Studio International workshop in London.




Voice Practitioner


Mel Drake is a Lecturer in Voice at The Royal Conservatoire of Scotland and a Fellow of the Higher Education Authority. She trained as an actress and holds an MA in Voice Studies from the Royal Central School of Speech and Drama.


Mel has previously taught at a number of leading drama schools and training centres including, the Royal Central School of Speech and Drama (RCSSD), the Academy of Live and Recorded Arts (ALRA), Cygnet Training Theatre (Exeter) and Identity School of Acting (London).

Her recent production work has included The Tron Young Company (Sheep) Glasgow Life (Emancipation Acts) Tron Community Theatre (Under Milk Wood) Tightlaced Theatre (I Promise I Shall Not Play Billiards) Cygnet Training Theatre (Touched) alongside numerous productions for the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland.

Most recently Mel has introduced NGVW to D/deaf actors on the BA Performance course at the RCS. She co-presented, A Tale of Two Cultures (PechaKucha) within the Scottish Parliament for Scottish Innovation 2017 and Developing D/deaf Cultural Engagement, for Culture Republic at Glasgow Film Theatre. Mel was invited to run a Masterclass for the Interpreter Performance Training Project in partnership with the National Theatre of Scotland, Birds of Paradise and Access Scotland venues.

Internationally Mel has run workshops in Malta, Paris (with Laurent Courtin) and Teaterhögskolan, Malmö, Sweden.

In 2013 Mel contributed to Growing Voices, a publication examining the influence and evolution of the Nadine George Voice Work in Training and Performance.


















































Danish Actress and NGVW Voice Teacher

Angelina Watson is a Danish actress and voice teacher who graduated from The National Theatre School in Copenhagen in 1991. She has been working consistently with The Nadine George Technique since 1990 when she first met Nadine, regularly attending workshops in Denmark and London and has been teaching Nadine’s technique since 2003.


Angelina is currently head of voice at Forsøgstationen, which is supported by the Danish government as a place of research for professional actors, dancers, musicians and singers and has toured with a performance of ” Once we got lost” (which won The Reumert award) and has been invited to the Festival In Nantes – France.


Previously Angelina taught at: the Scandinavian Film and Theatre School, The Holberg School in Copenhagen, The Ophelia School of Film and Theatre and she has also given workshops in NGT for young aspiring actors in the North of Denmark.


 Angelina is also a trained dancer and singer and has been working with the Suzuki method for 12 years, she continues to act and has worked in theatres and the film industry across Denmark.


Icelandic Actress, Director and NGVW voice teacher.


Thorey has been working with Nadine George since 1996 and has been teaching the work since 2002 at the Icelandic Academy of the Arts and in various workshops for professional actors and speakers.   She has recently been exploring the work with people that want to enhance their creative skills and personal development through the Nadine George technique.


Thorey holds an MA in Advanced Theatre Practice from the Central School of Speech and Drama and MA in Applied Studies in Culture and Communication from the School of Humanities at the University of Iceland.




Finnish Actress and NGVW Voice Teacher

Stina Engström is a lecturer in Voice and Speech at the Uniarts Helsinki’s Theatre Academy in Finland where she teaches the Nadine George Voice Work on the Swedish-speaking acting program. She has  been working with Nadine since 2011 and became an accredited teacher of her work in 2018.

She has previously taught Voice at Åbo Akademi University on both the undergraduate and postgraduate courses as well as at Novia University of applied science. She holds an MA in Acting and regularly uses this work in her own artistic development as an actress.


Súsanna Tórgarð

Faroese Actress and Director


 Súsanna joined her first work shop with Nadine George at Odsherred in 2000. Since then she has been working consistently with the technique, integrating it into her artistic work as an actor and director, within both professional and amateur theatre. She has taught many workshops and courses for students, teachers, lecturers and others, who want to improve their presence and the use of their voices in their daily work. She has arranged several workshops with Nadine for professional and amateur actors in the Faroe Islands and has participated in Nadine's international workshops in London.


Ria Tórgarð

Faroese Actress and Director

Ria first took part in a workshop with Nadine George in the Faroe Islands in 2001 and has used the Nadine George Voice Work in all her practice ever since. As a director Ria uses the work as the core development work for her productions and as an actress and stand-up performer she utilises the work on a daily basis. She has given many workshops using the technique in the Faroe Islands both in the theatre space and beyond.



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