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Nadine receives Honorary Doctorate from Royal Conservatoire of Scotland, Glasgow

Nadine George, founder of Voice Studio International, trained as an actress at the Central School of Speech and Drama in 1962, studying under renowned voice director Cicely Berry. She went on to work closely with fellow actor Roy Hart, researching work on the human voice and in 1975 was a founder member of the Roy Hart Theatre in Malerargues, France.


Based in England since 1990, and having spent eight years researching the voice at the University of Birmingham Drama Department, Nadine has developed her own voice technique. She now works closely with many international theatre companies and drama schools.


Nadine has recently given workshops for professional actors and actresses for ARTA in Paris, for Teater Alliansen in Stockholm and for the teachers at Stockholm National Theatre School. She has been teaching at Royal Conservatoire of Scotland in Glasgow for the past 20 years, where her work is now the chosen technique taught by the Centre for Voice In Performance.


Nadine has also worked for the last 20 years at the National Theatre School at Odense and has been giving her own workshops in Denmark during that time. She has been teaching in Sweden at the Lulea National Theatre School for the past 10 years and has also delivered her own 2 week workshops in London for over a decade, working with international actors, voice teachers and directors. AFDAS, the French actors union, has been supporting French actors' attendance at these workshops for the past 8 years.


It has taken Nadine 30 years of teaching the voice to reach the level and quality of work which she now teaches today. Nadine has created a practical technique that can be used internationally by actors, voice teachers, directors and anyone wishing to develop their true voice. The work is unique, using the sung sound and linking this directly to the body and to work with text.


In July 2008, Nadine received an Honorary Doctorate of Drama from The Royal Conservatoire of Scotland in Glasgow for service to the arts and her lifetime contribution to work on the Human Voice on an international level.


If you would like to read more about Nadine George's history and her vocal technique please click the link to the article below, which Nadine wrote for the American Voice and Speech Trainers Association, Inc presented by the Voice and Speech Review: 'Shakespeare around the Globe.'


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