"Nadine's work is my life. Through her work I have physically felt my heart in my mouth and after that I understand how I can truly work with others to make a contribution to the future."


Jane Stabler,
Glasgow, UK




"Nadine Georges voice work is deep, sincere and to the point. Not only did I learn about my voice and how to orchestrate and "master" it differently - but about myself as an artist and as a human being."


Maj-Britt Mathiesen
Actress and Producer





“In 1990 Nadine George conducted an inaugural workshop which I observed at the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland, where I was then Lecturer in Voice. After it I immediately asked her to work with me on my own voice.
Her work was my missing piece of the jigsaw. While all my previous voice training had stood me in good stead it was Nadine’s work which was essential to a profound understanding of the nature of the voice and its direct channel into the heart of both acting process and human being. The work, and through it my relationship with Nadine herself, changed my understanding of voice, my understanding of how to teach and, perhaps most crucially of all, my own understanding of who I was.
Who she is and what she does is quite simply inspirational.”

Ros Steen (Photo by K K Dundas)
Head of Research and Centre for Voice in Performance
Royal Conservatoire of Scotland




"I have worked as an actress for thirty-five years and have a huge interest in voice and body work. It was fantastic to meet Nadine George and experience her work. It has not only developed my voice but deepened my whole work as an actress."


Magareta Gudmundson,




"My connection with Nadine George and the extraordinary voice work that she has developed over a lifetime has been both professionally and personally life changing for me.
My voice and my self (for they are surely indivisible) have been transformed by Nadine’s work. I now teach and embed the voice work into the actor training programme at The Arden School of Theatre in Manchester and I see my students benefitting from this unique approach which is spiritual, radical, challenging and inspiring.”

Jane Vicary
Voice Tutor
Manchester, UK




"Working with Nadine on my voice has made a profound difference to my practice as an actor and teacher. The workshops are nourishment for the rest of the year."


Bill Wright
Actor and Voice teacher




"This work is so deep and intense. It's very interesting to work with people from all over Europe and to share our different cultures."


Laurent Courtin,
Paris, France




"... to sum up in a few words the incredible work Nadine is doing...it has been life-changing. Her compassionate approach is a breath of fresh air. As a continuous, ongoing student of the work I believe there are few like Nadine George when it comes to truly 'finding one's voice' in a very real way."


David Walshe




"Working on the voice with Nadine George on a regular basis or irregular for that matter is a most interesting journey and an adventure. The first time I went to her class it was nothing less than a revelation. It has help me get in touch with myself on a very deep level and without any cliché labels, founded the way for personal growth, spiritually and artistically. I love this work. It is demanding but at the same time very rewarding. And you can keep on forever, growing forever. Going deeper and deeper, working towards fulfilling oneself. That is the essence and the keyword here in this work: to become whole!"


Sigurður Skúlason,
Reykjavík, Iceland




"Based on a precise vocal technique, Nadine's work enables actors to go back to their centre, freeing them of all that gets in the way of the essence of acting, giving them back their full dimension. It has been a huge help to me, both on a personal and a professional level."

Sarah Vermande,
Paris, France




"I have been following the work of Nadine George since 1997. In more than 10 years I have practiced this voice-work as an actress, as a director and as a pupil visiting a workshop every year with Nadine. This work has become a daily training for me; preparing my voice physically and mentally preparing me as an artist and as a person. I can't recommend this work highly enough. I believe that it has a fundamental artistic and human value."


Lotte Faarup,
Actress and Artistic Director




"Since meeting Nadine whilst I was at drama school, I have continuously returned to the work I did with her on the voice. It's an interesting - and very fruitful - way of accessing pretty much any text. Once I let go and really committed myself to the work, the results were obvious. It gave me the confidence I needed to discover what it was I had to offer any company I might work for."


Arthur Wilson
London, UK




'Working with Nadine George has lead me to unknown places in my voice and helped me to find my real voice with all its strength, depth and darkness that can unite with the brighter colours.
This work has also been a fantastic "ear-opener" for listening to other peoples voices, reflecting their potentials and feelings.
As a teacher it's an important tool for acquiring focus on my own speaking voice. Both personally and in training other people the Nadine George method has been a brilliant tool for integrating the masculine and feminine qualities of the human voice.'


Vibeke Wern
Voice Teacher




"I was first introduced to Nadine's work at the Royal Scottish Academy of Music and Drama. I have worked with her on numerous occasions since, and each time have come away with a broader understanding of her work, instilling both trust and self-confidence I did not believe possible. It is a unique, liberating and very accessible technique which allows me to tackle any type of text, and I most certainly use it as a working stage actress and would highly recommend it."


Kirsten Hazel Smith
London, UK




"I met Nadine George the first time in Denmark 1997. After 35 years as an actress and several years as a voice teacher, I still was looking for the best way to connect voice, body and text. After following Nadine's work for some days I finally felt: This is the way!!! This work has taken me to new places in my mind and body. This work is very important for the theatre, the actors and even for the audience, so they not only hear the voices from stage but also feel them."


Paula Brandt
Actress and Voice Teacher
Stockholm, Sweden




"I met Nadine in Odense at the theatre school 1988, and from the first time I saw her work with a class I new that she represented a voice work with a deep knowledge that I wanted to know about. Since then I have been studying her work and it changed my own work for ever.
She knows the human voice and the human life and conditions so deep that she is a true Mentor for us her students and fellows. Knowledge, compassion, loyalty, strength and a high moral and respect - that is a true teacher and a dear friend."


Henning Silberg
Voice Teacher,
The National School of Drama in Copenhagen Denmark




"Since i met Nadine George and started to work with the voice work I´ve changed my way of teaching a lot. The work helps my students to explore new levels in their voice and also in their way of expressing them selves in both singing and interpretation. I´ve grown as an artist since I started with the voice work and so have my students. It´s really working!!"


Pia Olby
Singer and Teacher
Stockholm, Sweden




"Nadine helped me to find my voice as an actor. To find this place inside me which is open, nonjudgemental, and therefore free to explore all the possibilities I contain as an actor. It is a vulnerable place. And Nadine is capeable of creating a loving atmosphere in which you are allowed to be you, where you are safe, and where you know that everyone in the room is supportive and loving. This could not be done without the enormous experience and very big heart of Nadine, which sets an example for everyone.
I find, that not only do I find my self as an actress and find facets I couldn´t have imagined, but I also discover myself as the human being that I am. And that is really what it is all about. Portraying humanity on stage, so we can recognize ourselves."


Diana Watson
Actress and Voice Teacher




"I have attended several of Nadine´s workshops in London for teachers of voice within the theatre, and Nadine has also taught at our school, Malmö Theatre Academy.
I find her work on voice and text very challenging – you have to have the curiosity and courage to explore the possibilities and go beyond the limits you THINK you have. It is a work where you stretch your breathing, voice, imagination and self and it demands your complete concentration and energy; body, breathing, voice, text and acting all come together. The work has given me more options in my teaching, and I use my own adaptation of it with my students."


Margareta Unné Göransson
Senior Lecturer of Voice and Speech at Malmö Theatre Academy
Malmö, Sweden




"How I started to listen to myself.
When I met Nadine George and her voice work 15 years ago, it was a revelation. Instead of producing a specific sound asked by a voice teacher, I was in this work challenged to listen, to experience, to feel and to express. Never had I felt voice work to be so important not only for the stage, but also for your whole presence in life.
I have been teaching the work myself for 10 years and I realise that the technique is quite simple but the achievements are huge. The connection between the voice, the body, the mind and a classic text like the Greek or Shakespeare makes the work so unique.
The technique gives space for experience of power and of sensitivity which is rare experiences in modern society. But these experiences connect us to our human roots. I am very happy to be a part of this work and to be able to help distribute it to the world."


Lykke Jennet Jørgensen
Voice Teacher




"Inspiring. Authentic. Challenging.
I have been working with Nadine over the last two yeas and find that as my understanding of both the depth and potential applications of her work increases, so does my enthusiasm for exploring how the work empowers me as a voice practitioner.
Nadine inspires me through her complete embodiment of the technique and ability to meet each workshop participant exactly where they are at. The nature of Nadine's working methods enables me to meet the challenges of connecting fully to my authentic voice with courage and compassion."


Lorna Penney
Voice Practitioner




"Working with Nadine for the first time was a complete revelation to me. Her technique goes directly to the source of ones full potential as an actor as well as a human being. Wanting to use my voice in many different genres as an actress and singer, I have longed for a way to combine all these different voices.
Nadine's gift as a teacher helps me not to be afraid of using the whole voice. I have learnt to open rather than holding back. It lets me discover, what I am capable of and makes me work consciously with it. For me the work means physically connecting my voice to my body and mentally it gives me a way to gradually trust my body more and letting go of the head's control. It means working with something more than the voice, the source of where it all comes from, which is ... exciting!"


Isabella Kragerup




"Getting to know your work better is to take it deeper.
Maybe you cant bring your language with you everywhere but you have your voice and it will tell you where to go. Working with Nadine took me out of fear. Now I'm never afraid of how to read a text, a script or how to interpret it. If I don't know how to do, I do the text with full voice, and then I see what's happening. That's my way to prepare myself in my room, and together with open good-working people I do it on stage during rehearsals.
Nadine's work is very concrete, nothing mysterious, with an optimism seldom experienced.
The benefit is probably you find pieces of yourself you never thought about. But they were already there from the start."



 Johnny Soderberg




"I had worked as an actress for more than twenty years, before I first joined a course with Nadine in 2001. The first thing that struck me was Nadine's loving care for each of the participants. By this care and her precise guidance, we - the other students and I - improved the span of our voices. It was moving to listen to and feel how anxiety gave way to proud free use of the voice.
Since then I have joined several of Nadine's courses. Each time the work has increased my consciousness about the wide borders of my ability to add light and shade through my voice to the characters I present on stage. Also as a director I have found it rewarding to work with Nadine's technique.
Nadine's dedication to unlock impeded voices and feelings is immense. I find her work of great importance for opening and deepening life on stage and life as whole".


Lene Vestergard




"I have been working with Nadine George since 2005 and been to three of her summer workshops in London. I can only say that it has changed my life, as an actress and as a human being! The level of the work Nadine does is very high - her work touches and develops in a very deep and very sober manner the artistic expression from the roots of the human experience. It contains the elements that I think are essential in art and in life; presence, wisdom, humor, love and respect for every unique being." 


Katrine Faber
Actress, Singer and Founder of Teater Viva




"Working with Nadine George was a tremendous experience ! Beyond the pleasure of working with a soul-full person and sharing the worshop with actors/teachers from different countries, I got to discover the energy of my inner voice and experienced letting it out to its fullest. Precious learning for an actor !"


France/Guadeloupe (FWI)



'I was introduced to the Nadine George technique in a workshop in Denmark in 1996.  After that I entered Nadine’s own workshop in London in 1997.  That was a life-changing experience for me.  The way Nadine approaches her teaching is totally unique and very professional.  Since then I have continued to work with her technique and attended her workshops for many years.  For ten years from 1999 – 2008 I had the honour of organising her workshops in Iceland collaborating with the National and the City theatres.  This enabled actors across Iceland to work with her as well as those already working with her technique at the Icelandic Academy of the Arts where I personally taught this work for four years. In my work as an actress this method of voice training has opened new channels for me that constantly take me to a deeper level whilst continuing to inform my own personal development.  I don’t know any other method that has the same immediate and deep effect and yet it is quite simple and accessible in practice once you get to know it.'

Thorey Sigthorsdottir 

Actress/Voice Teacher


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